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About Us
Welcome to Clover Brokers
Founded in 1992 to meet the rapidly changing needs of the different regional markets, Clover is a broker of niche insurance solutions because of its wide spreading in the MENA, the GCC and EUROPE, thus providing the necessary legal environment, and capable of aligning its VERY SPECIFIC insurance products to multi nationals spread across the region, under single UMBRELLA policies.

Above is delivered by a team of 30 dedicated people having the necessary experiences in the insurance field (technical background) and in providing the necessary comfortable support during claims period. We are also helped by our Insurance Automation Solutions System (IASS) which provides all necessary confortable support to the above.
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Nov 20

SKY BAR – Fire Claim – Testimonial Letter

Quote " a special thank you note to Clover Brokers SAL for their professional and precise handling of our SKY BAR fire claim, which was fully settled according to our expectations – Chafic El Khazen – CEO " Unquote

Go Sport – Dubai Outlet Mall – Fire Incident

CLOVER is currently adjusting the claim of GO SPORT shop which was due to a water damage resulting in a total loss. The Accident happened Due To Smoke Caused by a fire in the mall, the water sprinklers system was automatically activated, The indemnity will be paid on the Business interruption section and material damage one.

EM SHERIF RESTAURANT – The Address Downtown Dubai – Fire Incident

CLOVER is currently adjusting EMMSHARIF restaurant because of the ADDRESS Hotel fire claim in Dubai: inclusive of a Business revenue section and material damage one



Personalized services mean that any and all situations related to the clients policies and claims are handled in one focal point, despite the many territories of our clients’ presence. It also involves the active interference of our R&D department in the building and management of the clients’ portfolios, it also involves centralized and consolidated mapping of all the clients scope of works, policies, special situations across borders

Consolidation is not simply to place the overall business of anyone client under CLOVER UMBRELLA,

consolidation should as well entail the underwriters, and the loss adjustors,

In other words, the broker’s duty is simply to define your risk, and to mitigate them through transferring them to an insurance company, which will produce an insurance contract covering such risks. Ideally:

  1. such insurance contract should be the issued by the same initial underwriter in each territory, in order to avoid uncovered, and unseen situations due to the presence of many local underwriters.
  2. If issued under one underwriter such insurance contract will Technically become cheaper (not due to some pressures made by the broker in each territory), Because of the multitude of territories that are gathered under one underwriter, thus fulfilling properly the desired economy of scale.
  3. Having one loss adjustor, will also ease the management of the claims which might happen, thus reducing financial exposures, and unnecessary delays.


Each CLOVER policy includes value added services because of our research and development team, which daily task is to check about the innovation in our industry and compare it to our issued policies. Also with our technical and legal team, CLOVER efcient roll out and delivery of its services.


The cost of effective risk management is often higher than the underlying premium.

Lack of interest from the insured

Many insurance buyers do not see the value in managing risk once they have purchased the policy. The attitude is generally that they have fullled their obligations by simply paying a premium. Any further risk management is seen as minimizing the insurer’s risk, rather than enhancing the business.

Inefcient roll out

Effective risk management services are expensive and often the insurers cut corners to keep costs down. Many risk services fall short and amount to nothing more than “window dressing”.


CLOVER Manage to bear with the insurer’s help, the cost of the pre-risks surveys and the initial risk management during its 1st year of taking over new portfolios. Above will help CLOVER to highlight the risks and work on mitigating them, with the client, by implementing the necessary recommendations issued in the above pre-risk surveys/risk management reports. And nally work on migrating therisks by adjusting the policies rather than just issuing generic ones.

There is a big difference between the two: An insurance agent acts on behalf of one or more insurance companies and can only access those insurers’ products where as a broker acts on your behalf, the policy-holding client. The broker is obliged to act in your best interests, is not tied to any insurer and can arrange the best protection for you at a competitive price.