Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Our core business is design and servicing. As consultants, we design tailor-made solutions and products which are destined to fit customers’ needs and cannot be achieved by usual and customary policies. As brokers, we provide such solutions during their lifetime.

Consultancy is tackled in:
  • Assessing the various identified risks and proposing the necessary solutions in the insurance industry.
  • Proposing the necessary conditions of covers available in the insurance industry located in the MENA and Asia regions and based on the most updated information received from our customers: their types of businesses and legal structures will then build the necessary umbrella cover.
  • Putting in place the necessary risk identification tools originated from their daily operations, various suppliers’ and tenancy contracts, physical financial transactions (cash in safe/ cash in transit, and fidelity), etc. to cover their material damages, liabilities, finances, and shipments around the globe through various insurance companies.
  • Updating various insurance policies in place to cope with our customers’ changes and situations.
  • Creating the necessary logistic tools for managing such risks.
  • Creating the necessary premiums benchmark by soliciting various insurance suppliers in the region.
  • Creating the proper mitigation strategy in placing customers’ policies.
  • Placing such policies with well-renowned insurers/reinsurers abiding by the following criteria:
    • quality of reinsurance – a minimum of AA and above;
    • financial strength – a minimum BB and above;
    • solicit the services of international independent loss adjustors; and
    • abide by our sets of recommendations enforced on such insurers/reinsurers.

Brokerage is tackled in:
  • Creating master policies, endorsements, and needed certificates issued in a timely manner.
  • Implementing the set of logistics to put in place for the sake of proper and well-ordered management.
  • Managing claims, and properly constituted on behalf of our customer, claims’ files according to the general norms of the insurance industry.
  • All the above tools, policies mechanisms and wording, and management mechanisms are the sole property of Clover Brokers.

Portfolio Consolidation

Clover Brokers' final mission is to consolidate our customers’ portfolios across regions without regard to geographical boundaries thereby fulfilling the following goal – one policy with extended coverage in various countries and economies of scale. In summary, we understand our customers’ business models, assess the risks and create solutions, and work on the sources and monitor their history.

Portfolio Management

Clover Brokers maintain all issued policies in good order during their lifetime. We keep close contact with our customers to monitor changes in any conditions in order to translate them into coverage that responds to our customers’ needs. Automation is our duty, regarding the workflow procedures of issuing covers and settling claims. We accompany our clients and assist them in the successful resolution of their claims.

Solutions Providers

Clover Brokers’ services extend beyond the traditional basic brokerage activities to incorporate a much larger task of providing solutions to any situation requiring insurance coverage even though such solutions exist outside the boundaries of a standard insurance policy. Standard operating procedures reduce as much as possible the probability of non-coverage due to an error in the reporting of an accident.

Tailor-made Products

Clover Brokers always cater solutions according to its customers’ needs by installing proper wording and ensuring the clarity of conditions toward our customers to ascertain their proper interpretation in case of the claim. In fact, we eliminate grey areas, thus leaving no room for misinterpretation. We adapt the policies based on our customers’ previous business operating experiences.

Risk Management and Placement

Clover Brokers digs into the customer nature of business prior to proposing a solution. Mechanism and placement strategy is defined first in order to balance the types of risks generated by our customer business model, based on strict insurers' lists which would have presented satisfactory credentials based on the predefined criteria. The pre-risk survey is always secured in order to provide the insurers with a clear risk picture thus avoiding future grey areas situations.

Personalized Services

Unlike the competitors, Clover Brokers use the methodology of one single point of contact despite the customers’ multi regional presence.