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About Clover

Company Profile

CLOVER positioned itself among the regional players specializing in the creation of tailor-made solutions to corporate businesses having a multi presence in a single territory or spread across borders.
Our core activity is to build UMBRELLA policies and work its necessary LOGISTIC. We also venture into SPECIAL RISKS where no usual insurers are competent to secure for existing and/or new customers the adequate covers.
In order to serve this major target, we already established many legal entities under our CLOVER HOLDING SAL.

The above has been achieved due to:
  • Our solid ties with multitudes of suppliers such as local and multinational insurance companies, international reinsurance brokers, and specialized underwriters. We are also connected to the major regional medical TPAs of the region which provides us with the needed global network of medical suppliers and helps us serve our customers everywhere. And finally, we are also in relation with international loss adjustors which assist in serving our clients when submitting claims.
  • Our offered logistics is primarily based on a dedicated central team of professionals and scientific people who created and managed all policies wording that is offered by Clover Brokers. It is also based on our in-house Insurance Automation Solutions System (IASS), which we created for the sake of servicing customers simultaneously at the very same moment with no whatsoever delays in different areas of expertise and in different geographies. Special risks are also within our specialties. Simply “we go where no one goes”.

Clover Brokers’ strategy of placing business is based on the proper diversification and mitigation of risks. We also created the necessary pricing benchmark by inviting many insurances into any bid for the sake of proper competition, being understood that the final choice of placement takes into account our customers’ internal policies.

In a few words
  • Our niche is corporate cross borders and multi-outlets businesses, and special risks
  • We procure the necessary legal environment
  • We provide the necessary technical environment

Company History

Clover Brokers’ history started in 1992 in Beirut, Lebanon, a good laboratory for the insurance industry. In 2004 board of directors has decided to expand the business all over the Arab World. Currently, our business group is structured through a holding company owning physical operations in Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt and Cyprus, Iraq, and Kuwait.

Abiding by the regulations of all above-mentioned countries, gives us the exceptional outstanding European methodology of doing business combines with the flexibility of our daily operations due to our Arab origin.

Clover Brokers is a fully independent brokerage house specializing in the insurance coverage portion of risk management. Since our establishment, we have made it “raison d’etreto provide our customers, both individual and corporate, with the most professional risk-related services available in the international market. By virtue of this determination, our meticulous and careful dedication, we can say with confidence that we have become a reference in insurance consultancy, brokerage, and portfolio management.

History Timeline


Establishment of Clover Brokers in Beirut


Beginning of global expansion. First client in Jordan


GCC expansion – first client in Dubai


Incorporation of the entity in Jordan


Incorporation of the entity in Qatar


Opening branch in Egypt


Establishment of Clover Middle East in the UAE


Establishment of the entity in Kuwait


Setting up Sama Harweel Insurance Services in Oman