Cargo Insurance

Cargo & Hull Insurance

Cargo & Hull Insurance

To go through floating policies rather than simple case-by-case declarations.

Immediately disclose any claim situation in order to permit recuperation.
Avoid insurances through clearing agents and/or forwarding companies, which will refrain from delivering the proper documentation for claims when your shipments are under their custody.

Our Claims Resolution
We offer a Network of loss adjustors worldwide and legal support.
Claims situations are all handled by us, as we usually work jointly with our customers to prepare the necessary claim files, which we submit to their review prior to presenting them to the assigned loss adjustors. We also venture into helping our customers in the recuperation from other policies, which are not their property for the sake of reducing their losses with their insurers thus rendering the latter much more flexible and keener to settle our customers’ claims.

Our policy in brief
Under cargo Insurance our policies are all based on the INCOTERMS used by our customers, which simple explanation is here below pictured.  Our policies, in general, include 49 extra benefits destined to cope with any ground situation, which might involve many modes of transportation in one trip (air/ sea/ land). We also offer war on land which includes all risks deriving from such ground situations as kidnapping and detainment.
Under hull insurances, our policies include 29 extra benefits.
Cargo & Hull Insurance